I am far from the status of pioneer professional explorer, but I really wanted to recommand you the following companies. Nothing really "advertising" like, I just think they're good. Because I rarely go anywhere without their products, because they support me, or because their service and team are exactly what i'm expecting as a customer. Clic for more info !

I don't see a lot of hikers wearing those and it's a shame as they are providing high quality clothing.


I'm training here all year long. The team is great and they all really make you feel at home. I love it. 

I discovered this brand when changed my backpack for the XX times... I vouch for its quality, and reliability. 

Quality materials, light, well thought, robust... I have been through a lot with a Coleman Rigel X2 for 10 years.


If I know it's going to get cold on a project, this is a logo that i really want on my gloves or hat. 

logo leatherman.JPG

I always have it on me. Leatherman makes reliable multitools. I never leave home without it on my side.

In the mountains, through rivers, in the snow, at sea... These are the best boots I have ever had to wear. 


Honestly, I don't really if I have to introduce or explain why this brand is amazing... You know it.

If you are looking for a reliable utility knife. This is an icon that I simply never leave without it in my backpack. 


I've been using Black Diamond trekking poles for years now. They're just better than a lot of other brands.

Ultra light, well thought, practical and fun, those are all the reasons why i love the Vargo woodstove.

I've put those watches in a lot of tough situations in various countries. I can only recommand, I has my trust!

What we can do together...