On this page, you will find several of my solo travels with a few key informations. I do hope that it will give you ideas, inspire you to do the same, to get out of your comfort zone and to look for new feelings. 

100km in the Lofoten islands

Country : Norway, Arctic Polar Circle

Location : Lofoten Archipelago

Project : A trek of several days from fjords to fjords and summit to summit for 100km total. Key stage being the climb of many of the highest points to enjoy the 360° view.  

Conditions : Mixed weather, cold and no night time.


160km in the west Hajar of Oman

Country : Oman, Middle East

Location : Mountains of the western Hajar

Project : A trek of several days that crosses 160km of canyons, valleys and mountain tops. Key stage being the summit of Jebel Shams (3000m) and the plantations of Jebel Akhdar.

Conditions : Drought, T° between 45° and 55°C


Trekking the Black Forest

Country : Germany

Location : Black Forest, Bade Wurtemberg

Project : Trekking in the snow and the cold through this beautiful region. Key stage: the summit of Mount Feldberg, the sunrise is great over there.   

Conditions : Lots of wind, negative T°C


300km to cross Iceland

Country : Iceland

Location : From Öfuguggavatnshœðir to Skogafoss

Project : A trek of several days across the amazing changing landscapes of Iceland. The goal is simple, from North to South alone and unassisted by foot. 

Conditions : Mixed weather, almost no night time..


Rafting and trekking in the jungle

Country : Peru

Location : The Amazon jungle

Project : Found shelter at a banana plantation in the Amazon. I went around with my tent on a raft and by foot through the surroundings. Nothing extreme but an unforgettable raid. 

Conditions : Humid but temperatures ok. 

The famous Salcantay trek (5000m)

Country : Peru

Location : Cordillera de Vilcabamba, Peruvian Andes

Project : For me, one of the most beautiful trek of the world. From Cusco to Macchu Picchu by foot. Real altitude feelings, you go up to 5/6 000 m and from the snow to the jungle. 

Conditions : Lot of height and temperature differences.

The climbing of Xiaocen Peak (4000m)

Country : China

Location : Yunnan region, "Cang Shan" mountains

Project : From Dali, a trek of several days around the temples and sometimes along cliffs. Exceptional point of views with the snow, key stage at 4000m, the summit. 

Conditions : Lot of height and temperature differences. 

From France to Spain through the Pyrenees

Country : France/Spain

Location : Pyrenees

Project : From the Cirque de Gavarnie in France, trek to the village of la Torla in Spain to go explore the canyon de Ordesa. During winter, take the crampons.

Conditions : Height differences, wind and snow. 

Sailing across the English channel

Country : France/England

Location : The English channel

Project : Sailing across the channel from Tréguier in Bretagne to the Scilly Islands near the Atlantic Ocean. One of the few trips I did with somenone else (my father). 

Conditions : It was "wet", obviously, and cold.  

Hebridean Islands

Country : Scotland

Location : The islands on the north west of the country

Project : Raid of several to walk swim and sails through the archipelago. Key stage, crossing of the Black Cuillins, difficult hike but a splendid few days. 

Conditions : Be ready to be cold and wet. 

Canyoning in the Wadis

Country : Oman, Middle East

Location : Eastern Hajar / Oman's gulf

Project : Raid of several days to walk and swim with my backpack. The goal being to go through and join the different Wadis of the region. Jumping in the water always brings me a lot of joy.  

Conditions : Perfect. 

The one and only GR20 (180km)

Country : Corsica, yes, it's a country !

Location :  From Calvi to Porto Vecchio

Project : One of the most famous GR in France, it's an absolute beauty. A the time, the "Cirque de la Solitude" was still open and it is the best memory i have of this incredible one week trek.   

Conditions : 180km in mediterranean summer. 

The Golden Circle of Iceland

Country : Iceland

Location : South West in the Suðurland

Project : Raid of several days to go through Reykjavik, Gulfoss, Selfoss, Thingvellir, Geysir, .... on a motorcycle. Alone off road with my tent. An unforgettable experience. 

Conditions : You have to deal with mud and dirt. 

Swimming with seals

Country : England

Location : Scilly Islands

Project : Scubadiving and free diving with the grey seals of the Scilly Islands.The young ones are playful and the old ones are shy... Good to know. Be careful with hypothermia too.

Conditions : water T°  between 9° and 12°C


100km in the dunes of Ica Desert

Country : Peru

Location : Desert of Ica

Project : Trek of several days in the desert from Callango to Huacachina. Extreme conditions and rationing food and water was inevitable. At night, temperatures drop real low. 

Conditions : Drought, temperatures ok.